The heart of a diving operation is the filling station.

The heart of a diving operation is the filling station. Commercial divers have a task to complete, Sport divers want to enjoy their precious time underwater. L&W can provide you with the products to ensure safe, reliable re-filing filling of breathing air in accordance with international standards from small portable units to complete professional filling stations. Nitrox/Nitrox gas production and/or blending with L&W products rounds off our program of products for diving.





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Mobile Breathing Air Compressors: The LW 100 Series

Powerful. Reliable. Compact.


The heart of the 100 series is the cutting edge LW100 Compressor block. It is the only block on the market with the crank case and cylinders cast in one piece. This eliminates the possibility of leaks between seals, keeps a high degree of precision between moving parts, and offers more efficient heat dissipation. The LW 100 Block also is the only compressor in its class to offer dual functioning intake and discharge valves in each stage to reduce maintenance, Steel piston rings designed to outlast and outperform competitor’s PTFE piston rings, and an outstanding 7+ hour run time without having to cool down the machine.

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