The environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles.

Environment friendly fuel for natural gas vehicles (NGV), L&W compressors, storage and filtration provide the high pressure gas needed for efficient filling of NGVs. The renowned reliability and economy of L&W components help to reduce down time and keep operating costs to a minimum.

Hydrogen Compressors

Stationary high pressure compressors for the compression of hydrogen, natural gas and biogas. Our compressors are characterised by a sturdy construction, low speed, long service intervals and an excellent value for money. Take profit of our know-how in planning and construction of special systems.

Inlet pressureatmospheric150 bar (2100 psi)
Delivery capacity6 m³/h (3,5 cfm)700 m³/h (420 cfm)
Final pressure10 bar (140 psi)420 bar (6100 psi)

We individually calculate compressor and drive power according to your application requirement. In this way, we perform the best possible efficiency and highest economic feasibility for you.