Our Products and Services

LW Americas is the exclusive North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean distributor for L&W Compressors, including sales, service, training and support for the complete line of products. LW Americas also designs and manufactures a complete line of NitroxMaker™ systems that are compatible with Helium / Tri-Mix for recreational and technical diving applications.


Filling Connections, Filling Valves, Adapters, Safety Valves, Pressure Switches and Sensors.

Boost Pumps

Designed for scavenging breathing air, oxygen, argon, and helium, our booster pump include recreational and technical diving, rebreather, and submarine support applications.

Puracon Mobile

Breathing Air Monitoring

Puracon monitoring system is the most reliable and cost-effective method for breathing air monitoring, offering compact and handy mobile or stationary options for new compressors systems, or easily ntegrated into an existing fill station.

LW 150 E MC


From extremely light to mobile and stationary, user-friendly sound insulated compressor options offer unmatched flexibility, and low maintenance costs, with a low operating noise level.

Dive Resource Solutions

We specialize in designing, building, and installing custom diving solutions tailored to our client’s needs and integrated into the overal vessel plans from conception.

Filling Panels

Filling Device

Filling Panels, Stainless Steel Filling Panels, Armored Safety Filling Cabinets

Industries We Serve


Products for safe and reliable supply of breathing air.


Fire services around the world trust in our products.


Compressor systems for industrial applications – reliable, high performance and efficient


Whether it’s SOLAS equipment or breathing air, we provide suitable solutions according to the requirements.


The environmentally friendly fuel for vehicles.


Reliable back up for hyperbaric chamber installations around the globe.


L&W can provide your team with HP solutions for your success in sport.


High pressure air for refilling air gun cartridges.

Why we are different

From conception to execution, the LW Americas team can manage your entire project. Our state of the art 2D and 3D modeling to design complete systems that will meet all your diving needs, as well as exacting space and power requirements.

Contact our expert team and let’s get started with your project!