About LW Americas

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., (OTCMKTS: BWMG) formally reached agreement with the German-based company, L&W Compressors, to provide distribution, sales, service, training and support for the complete L&W line of compressors and related equipment throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. has formed a new division that will do business as LW Americas. Distribution, sales and service will be based from their new facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.

LW Americas will maintain a constant inventory of the most popular L&W compressor models. LW Americas will also carry an extensive supply of spare parts and repair parts for all L&W compressors. Any L&W product may be ordered through LW Americas.

LW America’s (L&W Compressors of Germany, US distributor) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., with over 50 years of experience developing and supporting high and low-pressure gas and breathing air systems. L&W Compressors of Germany formed an exclusive distribution partnership (LWA) for North and South America in 2018 to bring this world class product line to the Americas. LW Compressors competitive superiority design features provide genuine value to high-pressure gas and breathing air systems users. 

LW Americas also designs and manufactures a complete line of NitroxMaker™ systems that are compatible with Helium / Tri-Mix for recreational and technical diving applications. LW Americas has further expanded their capabilities to include, OEM engineering / installation support, custom dive systems, high-pressure gas storage systems, submersible / submarine recharging support, hyperbaric chamber system, oxygen generation and the full range of technical diving systems. 

Under the LW Americas brand , we service a wide range of industries including Diving, Fire Fighting, Industry, Maritime/Offshore, CNG & Biogas, Medical, Motor Sports, Sporting Guns & Paintball, with Breathing Air / Compressed Air Compressors, Nitrogen Compressors, Inert Gas Compressors, Helium Recovery, and Hydrogen Compressors

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiaries, sells and supports its products both on a wholesale and retail basis and comprises three highly specialized dive product groups. Brownie’s Third Lung™ (BTL), the leading manufacturer of gasoline and battery powered tankless (surface supplied air) systems; LW Americas (LWA), the exclusive North, Central, and South America and Caribbean distributor of Lenhardt & Wagner high pressure compressors; and BLU3, Inc. (BLU3), an innovative company committed to developing the world’s most user-friendly, portable, battery powered line of dive systems. Under LWA, BMG also owns two brands: YachtPro (YP) and NitroxMaker (NM), both manufacturers of boat and land commercial compressors.

If you need additional information regarding our services and how we can manage your entire project, please let us know and we will share it promptly. 

About L&W Compressors

Since 1980, L&W has been supplying high-pressure compressors and the associated modules for the processing, storage and filling of air, inert gases, natural gas, biogas and hydrogen. Offering a high degree of reliability and operational reliability through our products made in Germany.

The cornerstone of our brand is: premium quality, continuous development and improvement of our products. This ideal is implemented into our everyday tasks in order to supply our customers with the highest quality equipment in the market.

In the field of air supply, we serve a broad range of users, such as firefighters in action, sports and professional divers. These customers must be able to trust the quality and safety of their equipment, so we make sure of it.

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Lenhardt & Wagner

Lenhardt & Wagner is one of the leading and renowed companies in the market of high-pressure applications. A worldwide network of L&W agencys and service centers ensures a steady growth of the company. The flat and manageable corporate structure allows us to identify any weaknesses directly and act immediately. Our personal approach and a direct line to the customers here are essential. 


Solid Growth

During the last three decades the range of L&W products could be advanced consistently and new markets are created. This is mainly due to our investment in the development and optimization of the product range and a partnership with our importers. In addition to Breathing Air Compressors and related peripheral equipment we offer also compressors, storage and filter for the necessary high-pressure which is required for natural gas filling stations. High-pressure inert gases such as argon, helium or nitrogen for industrial applications including welding and laser cutting, and for general laboratory use are also among our skills.

Our balanced growth is based on a long-term and strategic planning that allows us still sufficient freedom of action for rapid reaction in cases of need. Based on continues expansion of the Asian market, with new agencys in Singapore and China, we could already significantly increased our sales and improve our services.