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Long or Continuous Duty Work Cycles –

Balanced components allows for around the clock compressed air without the need to cool down the compressor.

Long Oil Change Intervals –

Most units have 1 year/1,000 hour oil change intervals (after the initial 25 hour oil change) and LW synthetic oil won’t carbonize on the valves.

Co-axial Suction and Pressure Valves –

A single valve per cylinder instead of two. Valve lifetime is 2000-4000 hours before servicing. Fewer valves means lower cost of ownership and faster servicing.

Steel Piston Rings in All Stages –

Made from non-corrosive steel, have increased lifetime (6,000-8,000 hours), reduced oil consumption, reduced blow by, and eliminate water in the crankcase—resulting in a more efficient and effective way to compress air for years to come.

Hardened Cylinder Liners –

Designed for a very long lifetime, with almost no wear from piston rings, will ensure minimal blowby and longer operational lifetime.

Puracon Monitoring Systems –

These optional systems allow for safe and accurate monitoring of moisture, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and oil levels in compressed air. Measurements are taken after the filter cartridge to ensure the most accurate reading without the need for special filters or parts. Get the maximum lifetime out of your cartridges and never exceed your adjustable tolerances of contaminants.

Standard Low Pressure Oil Pump –

(from 230 E onwards) can tolerate inclinations of up to +- 20 degrees and ensure proper lubrication.

High Efficiency Cooling Systems –

Produce compressed air at 5-10 degrees Celsius above ambient air temperature. Compare this to 15+ degrees from our competitors. This increases both the compressor’s mechanical lifetime and filter cartridge lifetime.

Additional, Extra-Small, Molecular Sieve in the Filter Cartridges –

Capable of holding 21% of its weight in water, allows up to 50% longer filter lifetimes than comparable manufacturers.

Pressure Maintaining Valve –

Placed behind the filter system eliminates low pressure running through the filter which would otherwise carry moisture into the cylinder. Without this valve, the filter life time is reduced by at least 50 to 60%.

Low RPMs

Low-speed compressors ensure a long lifetime of the machine

Condensate Stop Valve

Modern condensate system reduces the amount of air lost during condensate purge leading to more efficient air production with faster fill times.

LW Silent Compressor line

Have the lowest noise level in the market. Only 62 to 64 dB (A) for 230 ES to 700ES.

Separators After the First Stage –

Remove water, oil, and other particles resulting in less wear and tear on the following stages (from 230 E onwards).

Laser Controlled Machines –

Work with tolerances up to 10 micron to ensure precision in the manufacturing stage (the diameter of a hair is approximate 40-50 micron).

Comprehensive Owners Manual

Includes operating instruction, regular maintenance guidance, and troubleshooting help for easier diagnosis in the event of rare problems. Reduces maintenance costs, repair costs, and downtime for your operation.

Uninterrupted Work | Unmatched Technology | Unsurpassed Value

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