LW ES Silent Compressors are the Quietest and Coolest in the High Pressure Market

The Quiet

The LW ES series offer the quietest High Pressure Air Compressors in the market with a range from 230-700 l/min, or 8-25 CFM.

Low RPMs coupled with the sound-absorbing cabinet provide exceptional noise reduction–as low as 61 dBA.

These astonishingly quiet compressors are ideal for:

  • Fill Stations next to retail spaces or classrooms
  • Areas with commercial noise restrictions
  • Noise-sensitive resorts

The Cool

The LW ES series design also allows for unmatched cooling properties due to fresh air flow moving across all components including the compressor, motor, and heat exchangers.

1. A secondary ventilator provides additional thrust for the cooling air flow through the housing.

2. Additional final stage heat exchangers are the first component in the flow of cooling air into the housing.

3. The intermediate panels direct air flow throughout the cabinet (and prevent the direct egress of sound waves).



All LW ES Compressors come with the following STANDARD features:

  • Automatic Condensate Drain
  • Automatic Stop at Final Filling Pressure
  • Hour Counter
  • Operating Panel w/ buttons for Start, Stop, Condensate Test, and Emergency OFF
  • Low pressure Oil Pump
  • Pressure Maintaining and Non-Return Valve
  • All Pistons w/ Steel Piston Rings
  • Concentric Suction/Pressure Valves in each stage

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