Brownie’s Marine Group has formally reached agreement with the German-based company, L&W Compressors, to provide distribution, sales, service, training and support for the complete L&W line of compressors and related equipment throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

Brownie’s Marine Group has formed a new division that will do business as LW Americas. Distribution, sales and service will be based from their new facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.

LW Americas will maintain a constant inventory of the most popular L&W compressor models. LW Americas will also carry an extensive supply of spare parts and repair parts for all L&W compressors. Any L&W product may be ordered through LW Americas.

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L&W compressors are widely known for their superior performance, incredible durability and unsurpassed value. Established in 1975, L&W has concentrated on high-pressure compressor technology for breathing air and multiple industrial gas applications since 1980. Their commitment to the highest engineering principles and design innovation has propelled them to a market leading position in an incredibly short time. The distribution agreement with Brownie’s Marine Group will provide timely sales and support for all L&W products throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Brownie’s Marine Group has over 47 years of experience in breathing air systems and diving related equipment. Brownie’s Third Lung started in 1969 as the leading supplier of hookah diving for recreational use. By the mid 1990’s, Brownie’s expertise had expanded into high-pressure compressor systems designed primarily for the world’s finest yachts. By the early 2000’s, Brownie’s was designing and manufacturing a complete line of NitroxMaker systems to produce the most requested nitrox mixtures for recreational and technical diving applications. Brownie’s has further expanded their capabilities to include custom dive systems, storage systems, submarine support, hyperbaric chamber support, oxygen generation and technical diving systems of all sizes.

LW Americas is actively seeking distributors, resellers, and technicians in all regions to join their team. Contact LW Americas at for additional information.

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