Combo Package – 30 HP


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This is the premiere package for your moderate-traffic dive operation.


The LW 720 E provides the efficient and reliable airflow L&W Compressors are renowned for, while the NitroxMaker™ takes your tankfill services to the next level. Finish it off with Brownie’s 4x4x4 Fill Panel for efficiency, convenience, control and unparalleled beauty – together, this fine equipment creates the ultimate compact fill station that will perform and impress for years to come.


  • LW 720 E Breathing Air Compressor
  • NitroxMaker™ NMCS30AC Nitrox Generator
  • Brownie’s 4x4x4 Fill Panel Package

The LW 720 E
This industrial breathing air compressor is loaded with powerful features

  • Electric drive (standard version: 230V, 3 phases, 60Hz)
  • Coated steel frame (RAL 6026)
  • Coated fan protection (RAL 7004)
  • Automatic condensate drainage
  • Automatic end pressure shutdown
  • Remote control box for wall mounting
  • Main, start / stop and emergency stop switch, as well as condensate tester
  • Hour meter
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Intermediate pressure display
  • Oil pressure monitoring with autom. shutdown
  • Final Stage Temperature Monitoring
  • High pressure outlet including 1,500 mm high pressure hose
  • Motor protection switch
  • Pressure holding and check valve
  • All pistons with steel piston rings
  • Low pressure oil pump with oil filter
  • Oil / water separator after each pressure stage
  • Safety valves after each pressure stage
  • 4 x concentric suction and pressure valves

NitroxMaker™ NMCS30AC

The NitroxMaker™ system is integrated into the compressor package for simple “modular” addition to conventional high pressure breathing air systems. Cooler operating temperature allows it to be run as much as needed without overheating

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cool temperature

Brownie’s 4x4x4 Fill Panel Package
This is truly a panel to be proud of.  Brownie’s Marine Group custom made fill panel for high pressure cascade SCUBA filling. Comes complete with hoses and 4 storage bottles. Equal parts beauty and durability.

  • Acrylic front panel with King Starboard® side and rear panels.
  • All stainless steel high pressure tubing and stainless steel Swagelok® hardware
  • 4x connections to storage banks
  • 4x connections to fill whips and valves (DIN/Yoke included)
  • 1x connection to high pressure air compressor
  • 2.5″ stainless steel pressure gauges
  • Adjustable output regulator with safety valve
  • Grows with your growth: Add storage bottles to each of the four banks – 4 bottles in a 4 bank configuration will fill up to 15 AL80  tanks from 500-3000 PSI. 8 bottles = 30 tanks. 16=60 tanks from stored air.
  • Unlimited AL80 storage capacity

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