Dedicated to diving.

LW Americas is run by 30+ year veterans of the dive industry. When we say there’s no better compressor for tankfill, it’s not a “full of hot air” statement. In fact, it’s some of the coolest in the industry.

What makes L&W the tankfill compressor?


1) Laser-controlled machines used to manufacture L&W Compressors work with tolerances up to 10 micron to ensure precision in the manufacturing stage (the diameter of a hair is approximate 40-50 micron).

2) Advanced cooling systems produce compressed air at temperatures far below our competitors. This increases both the compressor’s mechanical lifetime and filter cartridge lifetime.

3) Most L&W Compressors offer continuous duty work cycles allowing for around the clock compressed air without the need to cool down the compressor.

4) Co-axial suction and pressure valves cut the number of valves in half and last an astonishing 6,000 hours before servicing. Other comparable units require servicing twice the amount of valves at three times the interval.

5) Piston rings made from non-corrosive steel have increased lifetime (6,000-8,000 hours), reduced oil consumption, reduced blow by, and eliminate water in the crankcase—resulting in a more efficient and effective way to compress air.

Each dive operation is unique. The LW line has a model that’s the best tankfill compressor for your dive operation. Contact an LW Americas representative to assist in finding the absolute best fit for you.

Tell us about your business or project and one of our dedicated LW Americas associates will contact you within 48 hours. We look forward to assisting you.