L&W Compressors Meet Great White Sharks

Located 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula lies the volcanic island of Isla Guadalupe. It is a little known island, best known for its proximity to one of the most dense great white shark populations in the Western hemisphere.

In the second week of December 2017, five ocean-loving organizations came together to observe and document these majestic creatures.

Fins Attached, BMG, Global Sub Dive and Project Baseline have all worked together in the past, intertwining the subsidiaries of BMG as well – Earlier this year, M/Y Sharkwater spent some time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida undergoing service and getting a few upgrades provided by BMG including: two L&W compressors for SCUBA tank fill, a, NitroxMaker™ system, Third Lung™ built-in hoses and a complete dive station installation.

This expedition was an exciting opportunity for these organizations to come together to support Discovery Channel in their mission to bring viewers amazing stories and experiences from the underwater world for the 30th year of the network’s highly anticipated, summer television event – Shark Week.

The mission to document the great whites was a great success. Dedicated Project Baseline volunteer,  Douglas Brandon, stated “We’ve documented some amazing habitat and some amazing behavior.” Through these observations, researchers discovered characteristics of the great white sharks that contradict the conventional portrayal and public perception of the species. BMG and Global Sub Dive owner, Robert Carmichael, says “In observing their behavior from the comfort of the submarine, we’re allowed to spend a lot of time quietly watching and I learned that the great white shark is very patient and curious. They sometimes spend more than half an hour circling bait or anything of interest to determine whether to attack it or not.”

Sharks are typically portrayed as aggressive and erratic toward humans. This does not seem to be the case in their natural habitat – “We had divers in the shark cages mere feet away from the great white sharks each day. The sharks never seemed to take an interest in the divers,” added Carmichael.

This isn’t the first time these fine brands have come together and it certainly won’t be the last.

Keep an eye out for this superb Fins Attached, Project Baseline, Global Sub Dive, Brownie’s Marine Group and Discovery Channel collaboration on Shark Week 2018.

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L&W Compressors at DEMA 2017

DEMA 2017 Was a Great Success

Last week, LW Americas set out to Orlando, Florida for the annual DEMA Show, the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive. The booth was steadily visited throughout the show and we heard from multiple people that our booth seemed to be the busiest compressor booth at the show.

Why? Because no matter how long you spend researching, you won’t find a single negative review about and L&W Compressor used for a diving application.

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We are proud to distribute such quality products and excited to follow-up on all the interest generated from the show. See you next year in Las Vegas for DEMA 2018!

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LW Americas has set sail aboard the M/Y Sharkwater

Pompano Beach, FL., October 9, 2017 – Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. – On October 7, 2017 the Marine Research and Conservation non-profit, Fins Attached, announced the safe arrival of its M/Y Sharkwater, a 134 foot research vessel. Just two weeks prior, LW Americas completed the installation of its first high pressure compressors on the ship.

high pressure compressor

The M/Y Sharkwater is currently in Panama as the crew prepare to embark toward the Galápagos Islands, where the ship will support a film crew in its efforts to document marine life, with a particular focus on sharks. Aboard the research expedition vessel, is LW America’s very first sale and installation of two units from its elite line of high pressure compressors. In order to meet the demanding capacity necessary to conduct the wide span of research, LW Americas installed two LW 320 MC models which support the NitroxMaker NM-10 CS, all controlled from a Yacht Pro 4×4 Panel. This premiere installation will support underwater research conducted from the ship for years to come.

high pressure compressor for marine research tank fill

The Sharkwater vessel will host and support various teams within the marine industry including – Scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), marine science students, and documentary crews. All of which will align with the mission of Fins Attached, “To conduct research, promote conservation, and provide education for the protection of the marine ecosystem.”

LW Americas looks forward to supporting efforts of advocacy, advancement, conservation, sustainability, safety and so forth in an array of industries – from Public Safety to Biogas.

LW Americas is actively seeking distributors, resellers, and technicians in all regions to join their team. Contact LW Americas at info@lwamericas.com for additional information. For more information visit: https://LWamericas.com.

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Brownie’s Marine Group to distribute L&W Compressors to the Americas

Brownie’s Marine Group has formally reached agreement with the German-based company, L&W Compressors, to provide distribution, sales, service, training and support for the complete L&W line of compressors and related equipment throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.